2016 Reading List

Making a note of all the books I have read has helped me to read more and has helped me to remember what I have read, and thus enjoy the reading process more: it is so depressing when you feel you can remember nothing of what you have just read. With that in mind, I am going to continue to note down my books this year, and hopefully read a few more. Last year I read two of Thomas Hardy’s novels and I would like to read at least another two this year – and possibly some Virginia Woolf who is an author whose books I have not really enjoyed in the past but I feel I should give them another chance!


  1. the circleMy first book for 2016 was borrowed from my husband’s book pile. Interesting read and very relevant – makes me want to tear up my store cards and resign from social media, but perhaps that is my age speaking! Found out that our local book group is actually discussing this later this month so might go along for once.


2. It took me a long time to get into this book but it was worth it in the end – the last couple of hundred pages were really exciting and the protagonist, whom I found rather staid in the previous novel, is definitely growing on me.  dark fire


do no harm.jpgA Book Club choice that I enjoyed.